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Crafty Like a Fox

Knitting Projects Review

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No Henny Penny
Crafty Like a Fox

Knitting Projects Review

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Since I've taught myself to knit, and can (sort of) read patterns, I've come across several possible projects, especially since it might end up being safer to make my child her toys anyhow.

Heaven help me, even though it is totally and completely beyond my ability at this time, I bought this kit. (Many other cute patterns for those who are talented enough and like the whole Amigurumi concept.)

These projects, however, will not be found in my craft bag anytime soon:
  • The Apple Jacket

  • The Princess Leia Wig

  • The Darth Vader Helmet (Although the chance to consume Guinness is attractive.)

  • And skip the whole making yarn out of plastic bags thing. I tried it, and it seemed like a lot of work for little return despite the interesting texture that resulted from crocheting it. If you can sew, try some of the other projects instead.

    Coming soon, completed knitted projects.
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